AAGP Application Process

If your adop

tion group is interested, please complete and return the AAGP APPLICATION* to our mailing address:


C/O: Adoption Program Application

110 West Ninth Street #813

Wilmington, DE 19801

  1. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed or simply cannot open the application for viewing, then e-mail the following to [email protected]
  2. Proof of Incorporation
  3. Proof of Not-For-Profit Status - 501(c)(3)
  4. Proof of State License (if applicable)
  5. List of Officers with contact information
  6. Provide copies of all paperwork which will be distributed to the public (including adopters). This could include educational materials for potential adopters, application, release forms, contract for adoption and/or for placement, advertising brochures, etc.
  7. Provide policy for all vet services provided prior to adoption (Are the greyhounds altered, vaccinations updated, etc.)
  8. Describe screening procedure for potential adopters.
  9. Does the applicant accept "special needs" dogs (seniors, dogs with low thyroid, pannus, injuries, etc.)
  10. Must agree that the applicant as an entity (this includes volunteers) will not make false or negative statements about the racing industry while conducting Meet & Greets (or any other meetings with the public).
  11. Provide the applicant's official position regarding the greyhound racing industry.
  12. Provide a contact person currently involved in the industry who can verify the applicant's relationship with the racing industry.
  13. Provide Website address and E-mail address. (if applicable)
  14. Optional: Provide any letters of recommendation from NGA members, kennel operators, breeders, track management.

*File is in .pdf format (Acrobat Reader).  Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view:

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