National Greyhound Association (NGA)

The main registry for the greyhound racing industry in the USA.

American Greyhound Council (AGC)

The mission of the American Greyhound Council is to ensure the health, welfare and safety of racing greyhounds from the farm to retirement.  The mission is accomplished through programs which are financed and administered by the Council itself, and through grants to outside organizations, agencies and universities.

American Greyhound Track Owners Association (AGTOA)

The AGTOA formed in April 1946, is a non-profit corporation composed of the owners and operators of 29 greyhound tracks located throughout the United States.  Membership is open to all lawfully licensed greyhound race tracks, whether they be individuals, partnerships or corporations.

Texas Greyhound Association (TGA)

The TGA represents the interests of Texas greyhound breeders, owners, trainers, kennels and tracks.

Iowa Greyhound Association (IGA)

The IGA is a nonprofit organization made up of Greyhound owners, trainers, kennel owners, operators, and individuals in the common goals of responsible breeding, raising, training, racing and welfare of greyhounds in the state of Iowa.

Oklahoma Greyhound Association

Represents the interests of Oklahoma greyhound breeders & owners.  They have an annual Meet.

West Virginia Breeders Association

Represents the interests of West Virginia greyhound breeders & owners.

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