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Source: American Greyhound Council

Writing Letters


Building Credibility With The Media

Here are some tips to help you build credibility and maximize your effectiveness as a media spokesperson for the greyhound industry:

  1. DO explain who you are and what makes you qualified to speak on the subject of greyhound racing and animal welfare.
  2. DO use a moderate, reasonable tone; leave hysteria and extremism to our adversaries.
  3. DO document your statements using third-party verification where possible (e.g., veterinarians vouching for animal welfare practices, quotes from animal rights leaders to verify their positions, etc.)
  4. DO take care to ensure accuracy of any statistics or other factual material provided to media.
  5. DO make an effort to respect reporters' deadlines, or risk alienating them.
  6. DO feel free to tape interviews, both for your own protection and to help you improve in the future.
  7. DON'T stonewall a reporter with "no comment," and then get upset because your story wasn't told.
  8. DON'T expect reporters to accept your comments without response from the other side.
  9. DON'T expect to make comments "off the record."
  10. DON'T ask to review a story before it appears, but offer to check the story for factual accuracy if appropriate.
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