by Dr. Jim Gannon, with due acknowledgement to Mr. Gavin Fitzpatrick

 In 1981, the National Greyhound Association put in place a Frozen Semen Insemination Program, which over some of the ensuing years, for various reasons, did not enjoy much popularity, nor a healthy success rate. However, some six or seven years ago, Mr. Richard Conole and his wife Sharyn, set up their own clinic in College Station, Texas, where they researched and revolutionized the manner in which semen from greyhounds should be frozen, stored and thawed. The Conole technique is not world renowned and highly successful in producing litters of greyhound and domestic breeds.

On August 8th, 1991, the then President of the National Coursing Association of Victoria (AUS), the late Mr. Silvester Doyle, Mr. Ken Callaghan (NCAV), Mr. Gavin Fitzpatrick (ANZGA & NCAV Secretary) and Dr. Jim Gannon (Sandown Veterinary Clinic) met with Mr. Richard Conole to discuss all issues relevant to frozen semen, and the possibility of a Frozen Semen Pilot sirey being put in place between the NGA (USA) and NCAV (AUS).

Reciprocal rules were drawn up and an agreement whereby:

This Pilot Program proved most successful and was the foundation for the Frozen Semen Insemination Programs, which exist today in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand.

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